Website Development

Website Development in Peshawar Pakistan by FGM Services, where we develop any kind of website like ecommerce website, Website Software and website, ERP System in Peshawar or any kind of website or software will be provided to you With Many features like SEO Friendly, Mobile responsive  with domain and hosting and 24/7 support.

website development in Peshawar

Small Business Website

Website Development and Designing in Peshawar, for small Businesses and Factories and shops etc. we provide many website and ERP systems for easily Mange their business with user friendly and Mobile Responsive websites and software’s which is afford by everyone easily and mange their businesses easily.

small business website and software in peshawar pakistan

Ecommerce Website

As google reports that every business is on internet and sell their products on ecommerce. For that we provide you best ecommerce websites in Peshawar Pakistan. Which is User Friendly and Mobile Responsive and Mostly SEO based Ecommerce Website in Peshawar Pakistan.

SEO base ecommerce website in peshawar Pakistan

Business Website & Software

FGM provide you Complete System for any business and company like Factory or huge system we will provide you in one in all. we provide you Business Software and System in Peshawar Pakistan from Experience Team. for example you have huge factory in which you have to handle all records and HR system and Financial System etc. we will  provide you all that requirements and support life time.

ERP System

  • Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) in Peshawar Pakistan by FGM software and digital marketing services. We provide you Complete ERP system in Peshawar Pakistan for your business. ERP system provider in Peshawar Pakistan in which we provide you all kind of services like,
  • Complaint management system
  • Property Rent Management system
  • Trade License management system
  • Human Resource management system in Peshawar Pakistan
  • Collection management system
  • Tendering/biding management system
  • Litigation & Case management system
  • Annual development Program(ADP) system
  • Works Management system
  • Building plan approval management system
  • Accounting and budgeting management system
  • File Tracking management system
  • Android Mobile Application in Peshawar Pakistan

TMA,s web portal

  • SMS platform and Google map integration
  • Store/purchasing Management system
  • Land/Estate management system
  • Asset management system

ERP system in Peshawar

FGM is providing Software services in Peshawar Pakistan we are certified Digital Marketing Agency From Google, Facebook, HubSpot And Parse Hub. we are Providing all kind of services like social media marketing, Email Marketing, SMS marketing, Website Development And Designing, ERP system, Ecommerce Website, Business website and software and many other services we provide in Peshawar Pakistan. 

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