Data Scrapping

FGM provides you Data Scrapping in Pakistan or you can say that web scraping for your business. For Example if you have real estate business and want your project fast deliver and sell it, so we will provide your city wise and province wise real estate which was from maps and search engines.

we have complete databases and also millions of contact numbers of different fields of business and shopping centers etc. we are just use it for marketing purpose not for illegal’s work etc. and we have those data which are already in websites and maps etc.

Data extraction business list below:

  • Ecommerce
  • Small Businesses
  • Huge companies
  • Companies Details
  • Stores
  • Retails
  •  Shopping malls
  • etc. or any kind of data you want will be provided to you with real data from maps and search engines and all others platforms.


What exactly is meant by the word ‘Web Scraping’?

Web scraping, also known as web harvesting, web data scraping, or web data extraction, is the same thing. It is a method of retrieving content and data from various websites throughout the internet utilizing bots and tools. The collected information can be saved to a spreadsheet (table) database or to any local file on your PC. Web data has existed for almost as long as the internet has existed.

The Internet offers its users the most comprehensive platform for accessing information, knowledge, and data ever devised by mankind. Picking out the data you need from this large sea of data, on the other hand, can be a difficult undertaking. This is where Web Data Scraping comes in, providing a simple way for users to obtain their required data without drowning.

  • For the purpose of extracting contact information
    Data mining, web mining, and web indexing apps are all examples of this.
  • For tracking price fluctuations and price comparisons on the internet
  • To do research
  • Observation of weather data
  • For the purpose of detecting modifications to a website
  • Web-based mashup
  • Integration of data from the internet
  • When it comes to putting together real estate listings,
  • to keep tabs on one’s internet presence and reputation.

A web scraping software will automatically search and gather data from different pages of many websites based on your specifications. It can be tailored for a certain website or set up to work with a variety of others. With data scrapers, saving data on your PCs is as simple as clicking a button!

The majority of websites display information that can only be seen with a web browser. They don’t provide you the option of saving a copy for later or personal use. The only remaining option is to manually copy and paste the content, which is a tedious and tiring job that can take several hours or even days to complete.

Web scraping is a technique for automating all of this time-consuming effort so that it does not have to be done manually. This time-consuming operation can be reduced to seconds or minutes with the help of web scraping tools.

If the data is open to the public, it is usually acceptable to extract it (the data that is being fetched is not secured behind a password-protected system). The only issue that could arise is if the retrieved content is disseminated further. To offer an example, if you download data from one website and use it on another (as your own) without permission, you may be committing copyright infringement.

The majority of copyright rules, on the other hand, allow for scenarios when rewriting some, most likely copyrighted, data in summation or in an imitative condition is considered “fair use.”

Keep in mind that copyright regulation differs from one nation to the next. In Australia, for example, it is prohibited to extract and preserve personal data such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, and so on, even if they are publicly available.

web scaping and data scrapping in Pakistan