Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


Digital Marketing Services Dubai:

  • (1.)Digital Marketing Strategy Creation
  • (2.)Website Design & Development
  • (3.)Social Media Marketing
  • (4.)HubSpot & Inbound Marketing Services
  • (5.)Search Engine Optimisation
  • (6.)Lead Generation Services
  • (7.)Video Production Services
  • (8.)Web 3.0 & NFT Services
  • (9.)Metaverse Services


Through our global team of 100 digital marketing specialists, we provide marketing services ranging from website design & development, search engine marketing, social media and lead generation as well as sales and CRM services working with HubSpot as one of their leading global partners.

Digital Marketing Services that are aligned to your business’ growth targets

By implementing a strategy-first approach, our team identifies the right approach aligned to the goals of your business.  This process includes a full competitor audit together with an outline of the messaging, content and services required to achieve your business’ growth targets.

Our digital marketing strategies are designed to meet the customer where they are at in the buyer’s journey and ultimately convert them into loyal customers and long standing brand advocates.  This is done through smart and personalized digital marketing services, creative thinking and transformative technology, ensuring effective and measurable results.

If your business has clear growth targets, partner with FGM to achieve these.

Your Go-To Digital Marketing Agency Dubai | digital marketing services dubai

The fastest way to promote a product or service (basically any business) is through digital marketing. The world’s fastest-growing brands invest profusely in online marketing channels, from social media to pay-per-click, search engine optimization, FB Ads, and many more.

Compared to door-to-door marketing or promotions through flyers and brochures, digital marketing proves a lot cheaper and much more effective. And to create ROI-driven digital marketing campaigns for your business, you need a trusted digital marketing agency Dubai like Digital FGM.

We are a digital marketing company in Dubai with a strong workforce consisting of media specialists, digital strategists, SEO specialists, and content marketers, all working under the same roof. Our online marketing company helps brands accelerate business growth and profit with tried and tested digital marketing methods.

We’re happy to act as your guides on your route to success and offer you sound advice every step of the way. If you have a question or want a free consultation regarding your marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to us. Just fill out the form and our digital marketing consultant will contact you the same day.

Our Digital Marketing Services Cover Everything You Need:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

More than 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC. Do you want to increase your monthly revenue with minimum investment? If the answer is yes, hire our SEO experts.

Our SEO experts and digital marketers in Dubai will increase the organic traffic to your site and deliver all-encompassed, professional, and bespoke services. We’ll create an SEO plan that’s apt for your business and has the potential to deliver measurable results.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Are you looking for digital marketing companies in Dubai to create and manage your paid campaigns? Be it Facebook or Google, our paid marketing experts are well-versed with the best advertising platforms of all platforms.

We’ll set up profitable PPC campaigns for your business, ensuring that adverts are publicized at the right places and displayed to the right people. Every campaign we design is tailored to meet your core objectives including brand awareness and lead generation.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is an integral part of our digital media marketing services in Dubai. Consistent social media engagement drives brand awareness that ultimately turns cold leads into customers.

At Digital FGM we come up with creative, intelligent social media strategies to amplify the brand engagement.

Content Marketing

Looking for content marketers to prepare compelling digital marketing content for your brand? We’ve got you covered! Hire our creative content strategists to prepare and market well-structured content for your brand.

When it comes to content, our team goes the extra mile to engage website visitors, demonstrate authority in the industry, and generate higher ROI for your business. That’s why we proudly call our firm the best digital marketing agency in Dubai.

Email Marketing

Statistics tell us email marketing can lead to a massive ROI of up to 400% — $4 against every dollar spent on it. We offer email marketing services including email template design, email copy, email campaign management, and lead management to clients all over the UAE.

Our email marketing consultants are well-versed in the use of the latest email marketing tools. They leverage premium tools to create custom campaigns and automate them. Furthermore, we collect data on the best marketing campaigns to dig out customer insights and optimize your strategy.

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation is more important than you think. It’s one of the key factors that build credibility and strengthen the trust of your prospects. One bad review will tarnish your reputation and probably months of consistent efforts.

Digital FGM is a team of digital marketers who take care of your online reputation by building a nice online persona, responding to custom queries, and solving complaints at the earliest possible. If you are ready to impress your prospects with a dependable online face, get in touch!

The Best Digital Marketing Company In Dubai Specializing In Strategic Digital Marketing Solutions


Social Media Marketing   (SMM)

Be the rising star with our Social Media Marketing services in Dubai.


Social Media Optimization   (SMO)

A professional social media optimization project goes beyond content production.


Pay Per Click (PPC) 

Let customers come to your organically by building up your SEM.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Custom SEO services in Dubai that fit your unique business needs.


Conversion Rate  Optimization  (CRO)

CRO services in Dubai to maximize your profit gains and online searches.


Email Marketing

Powerful and simple email marketing automation services in Dubai.


Content Marketing

Best content creation agency aimed at helping you generate qualified leads.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Don’t let your leads get away with innovative remarketing strategies.


App Store Optimization (ASO)

We offer a full range of ASO services to increase your app downloads.


Public Relation (PR)

Trusted PR Experts and Communications Advisors for your Business


Online Translation Services

Fast, affordable, and high-quality translation services in Dubai


Hand-crafted SEO services that add more leads to your CRM and dollars to your bank account.

It’s not just rankings we grow. We increase your traffic, revenue, and ROI. Our custom SEO plans help you reach new heights by delivering what matters most.

Genuine organic SEO techniques

We use only the highest-quality handcrafted SEO techniques and zero automation tools to do the work. Like a fine wine or a bespoke suit, organic SEO done by hand is more expensive and time-consuming than the risky automated SEO done by our competitors. Our team of 50 full-time, in-house SEO specialists is trained to the highest standards using 100% Google-compliant techniques that protect your business with safe, long-lasting results.

Radical transparency

Unlike most SEO agencies, we share everything with you; from our internal workbooks to each and every link we win. From the moment we begin our relationship, we ensure you know exactly what is being worked on. We do this via open project plans, weekly status updates, bi-weekly account management calls, and a performance dashboard that gets updated in real-time.

Real business results

Most agencies have it wrong. They focus only on rankings and completely ignore revenue. Google rankings are great, but if those rankings don’t convert into traffic, leads, and sales, it doesn’t matter. We only care about how many new customers we get for you and how much profit we add to your bottom line. In other words, we don’t just promise vanity metrics. We deliver actual business-changing results. Want proof?