Social Media Marketing Course

social media marketing course peshawar

Social Media Marketing Course Peshawar Pakistan:

o    What is social media?

o    Understanding the social media marketing concepts

o    How social media marketing is different

o    What is the single most important concept about social media marketing?

o    How to create Your Brand Story

o    Define Your Goals

o    Develop Audience Personas

o    Create a Journey Map for social media

o    Identify Key Channels

o    Develop a Content Strategy

o    Draft a Content Calendar

o    Plan Your Resources

o    Simply Measure

o    Creating a perfect content marketing plan:

o    Align

o    Publishing content

o    Branding

o    Direction

o    Support


o    Types of content on social media

o    Learning about Facebook Algorithm – EdgeRank

o    What is Edgerank

o    Calculation for edge rank

o    How to use EdgeRank to your benefit

o    Learning about optimization

o    How to Pay to Play

o    How to Share thumb stopping content

o    How to Use video & native content

o    How toEncourage engagement using unique ways

o    How to Post on trending topics

o    Facebook Business Manager

o    How to properly use and manage Facebook business manager

o    Strategy creation

o    How to generate Ideas

o    How to create a Flow

o    Which Channels to use

o    How to do Budgeting

o    How to do Profiling – Interests

o    How to create a backup Plan

o    Approval

o    Facebook marketing (Both Organic and Paid ads)

o    Understanding Facebook Marketing

o    Practical Exercise

o    Creating a page

o    Adding contacts

o    Posting on the wall

o    Increasing likes the legitimate way

o    How to do marketing on a Facebook page

o    Fans engagement

o    Tools and applications for increasing engagement on your FB page

o    Understanding the key metrics on your Facebook page

o    Understanding blind posts

o    Best practices for posting

o    Practical Exercise

o    Creating a Facebook advertisement

o    Understanding Power editor

o    Difference between boosting a post and running a PPE advertisement

o    Adding a Credit card for billing and understanding billing

o    Best practices for posting

o    Practical Exercise

o    Learning every objective of Facebook advertisement

o    Setting budget

o    Targeting audience

o    Using audience insights

o    How to properly use re-targeting

o    Learning custom audiences

o    How to create sequences

o    How to properly use retargeting for your business

o    How to work with Facebook Pixels

o    How to use Facebook pixels to maximize sales and conversions

o    How to make Facebook Pixels strong so they work in your favour

o    Running paid advertisements on other major social media networks

o    Twitter

o    Both paid advertising and organic marketing

o    Linkedin

o    Both paid advertising and organic marketing

Mobile Marketing

o    Mobile app monetization

o    Understanding app monetization

o    Business models for apps

o    How to successfully monetize an app

o    Mobile app marketing

o    How to market your app on both iOS and Google Play

o    How to do both free marketing for your app

o    How to do paid marketing for your app

o    How to increase rating

o    How to increase reviews for your app

o    How to increase the ranking on app search results

Display advertising

o    What is display advertising

o    Types of display advertising

o    Display advertising

o    Banner ads

o    Rich media ads

o    Pop-up ads

o    Contextual advertising

o    In text ads

o    Image ads

o    In video ads

o    In page ads

o    Creating an effective banner ad

o    Components of a successful ad

o    Where to run banner ads

o    How to set targeting and location for display advertising 

and many more in this social media marketing course Peshawar Pakistan.